Residential Wi-Fi

IP Installs are experts in home networking solutions. We have highly skilled technicians that can implement a hardwired and Wi-Fi solution to meet any client’s requirements.

Ubiquiti Access Point - Bedroom

Unifi Wifi Access Point installed into a bedroom.

Sonos Connect Amps and Ubiquiti AP

Sonos Connect Amps and an Ubiquiti Long Range Wifi Access Point. Essential combination for perfect streaming to your Sonos System.

So many home devices are now dependent on a reliable iternet signal which means investing in network cabling and Wi-Fi access point infrastructure is critical. Many mainstream products such as Sonos are completely dependent on a home having reliable Wi-Fi in all areas.

Young students require Wi-Fi in their bedrooms in order to do their homework, families want Wi-Fi in their outdoor entertaining areas so they can stream music with friends, we are now spending more and more time streaming video and movies in replacement for watching free to air TV. None of this can happen without a solid home network solution.

IP Installs typically run hardwired Cat6 cable from the location of the router out to the various living spaces throughout the house. We run these hardwired cables to these areas so that all A/V equipment can have a hardwired internet connection to provide the best video streaming possible.

In these locations we will install a commercial grade access point which will then extend Wi-Fi throughout this part of the house.

We configure our Wi-Fi networks with a single SSID name and password so that as you move throughout your house your wireless devices seamlessly connect from one access point to another. Our goal is always to provide full Wi-Fi signal in all parts of your house.

Ubiquiti Outdoor Access Point

Ubiquiti Outdoor Access Point sending Wifi signal approx. 100m 'to a Solar Panel controller out on the property.


IP Installs offer complete data cabling solutions for commercial office spaces including the supply of equipment racks, patch panels and network switches. We can also integrate a Wi-Fi and VOIP Telephone solution to suit.

Note: Data cabling is usually included in any of our electrical fit out proposals.

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